How to Dominate Fantasy Football. For a Living.

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Aug 26, 201627m
How to Dominate Fantasy Football. For a Living.
Aug 26 '1627m
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On today's episode, fantasy football addict (and Popular Mechanics Executive Editor) Peter Martin joins the show as a guest interviewer when we talk to Matthew Berry, ESPN's senior fantasy sports analyst. Everyone envies the job, but Berry put in serious work to get it: He's been playing fantasy sports since the days when the week's results had to be faxed out by the league commissioner. He explains how the game has changed, how he keeps up with so many different leagues, and how his wife handles him watching every single NFL game, every single week. And then Peter petitions him for a lightning round of draft advice.

Music in this episode includes the tracks "Penalty Shot" and "Leave Me On The Sub Bench" from the album World of Football 14 by Keshco, available under a Creative Commons license.

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