Nerdy Board Games Rock #005

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Feb 7, 201845m
Nerdy Board Games Rock #005
Feb 7 '1845m
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Embrace the dorkiness, strategy board games are here to stay! Nerdy board games are a big part of our lives and for good reasons: they're fun (duh), they teach us to think strategically when it comes to managing limited resources, and of course they can help you save money by keeping you from going out and blowing through your entertainment budget! Plus, when was the last time you sat down face to face with your friends for some old fashioned analog fun? In this episode, Joel and I cover the many reasons why you need to be playing nerdy board games. And at the beginning of this episode we popped open a barrel aged sour ale - Golden Angel by Wicked Weed Brewing which you can find and learn all about on Untappd.

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