Things to Consider Before Spending Money

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Nov 26, 201722m | se1 : e7
Things to Consider Before Spending Money
Nov 26 '1722m | se1e7
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In today’s episode, we chat about why we really spend money (need, want, emotion and environment), and discuss the questions we should ask ourselves before we make our next purchase.

1. Why are you really spending this money? Is it based on an emotion, need, want, or the environment that you're in?

2. What value do you place on this purchase, and is it worth the time you spent earning the money?

3. If you left the store right now, would you still want this purchase in a month's time, and would you buy it?

As always, check out the ASIC Moneysmart website for more information. We are also writing about money related topics on Medium now, so definitely check us out there as well.

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