237: Crafting Memorable Stories with Dr. Carmen Simon

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Dec 4, 201739m
237: Crafting Memorable Stories with Dr. Carmen Simon
Dec 4 '1739m
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Dr. Carmen Simon shows how to become impossible to ignore by integrating the right components to influence our audience’s minds.


You'll Learn:

  1. The three components of a good story
  2. Why causation in a story can be both sexy and tricky at the same time
  3. Why relatable emotions are more important than strong emotions


About Carmen:

Dr. Carmen Simon is a Cognitive Neuroscientist and Founder of Memzy. She has applied the latest neuroscience research findings to deliver workshops, design, and consulting services. Carmen is a published author and a frequent keynote speaker at conferences in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. She holds doctorates in instructional technology and cognitive psychology, and uses her knowledge to offer business professionals a flashlight and a magnet: one to call attention to what’s important in a message, the other to make it stick to the audience’s brain so they can act on it. Carmen’s brain science coaching helps business professionals motivate listeners and stand out from too much sameness in the industry.


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