Pamela Meyer's counter-intuitive strategy for time management

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Aug 29, 201826m | se1 : e11
Pamela Meyer's counter-intuitive strategy for time management
Aug 29 '1826m | se1e11
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My guest today is Pamela Meyer. You might know Pamela from her very famous TED talk about How To Spot a Liar, which has been viewed by 20 million people. She also wrote the bestselling book Liespotting: Proven techniques to detect deception. Pamela is also the founder and CEO of Calibrate, a leading training company that teaches people how to spot lies.

Pamela is someone who thinks a lot about how to get the most out of each day, and I particularly liked hearing about her rather counter intuitive strategy for time management which I am trying to now apply in my own life.

Some of the topics we covered in this chat include:

  • How Pamela structures her to-do list
  • Pamela’s strategies for preparing for the day ahead
  • Pamela’s counter-intuitive time management technique
  • Pamela’s must-have tool for keeping focused
  • Pamela’s “burst” method for getting things done
  • How Pamela uses self-rewards to drive motivation
  • How Pamela decides what to say yes to versus what to say no to
  • Pamela’s rules for having “clean” email
  • Pamela’s go-to places for creative work

And a whole lot more.

You can find more about Pamela at and via her company Calibrate.

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