Nov 21, 201856m
Thankful House
Nov 21 '1856m
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Kim and Kroy start off with a big announcement - House Of Kim will now be 2 days a week! New episodes will now be released every Monday and Wednesday so now you have even more episodes to be thankful for. Speaking of thankful…. Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Kim and Kroy both recount some stories of Thanksgiving past. Next up is the Positive Segment which is all about being grateful for the food you have. Remember you can call or text the fan hotline at 323-213-8100. Your calls and messages might be on a future episode! Kopari Go to to save $5 off of your first order Sugar Bear Hair Check out their new woman’s vegan multi vitamin at Hunt A Killer Get 10% off your first box by going to Just Fab Get your first style for as low as $10 when you go to Blink Check out Blink’s line of home security cameras and take advantage of their current sales by going to Rocket Mortgage Go to to get started now

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