Surviving in Open Space | Episode 4

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Nov 16, 201714m
Surviving in Open Space | Episode 4
Nov 16 '1714m
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Since leaving Titan last month we’ve been doing a bit of deep space exploration in The Tardigrade.

And although space can look a bit… empty, it’s actually as hostile an environment as you’re ever likely to find.

Out here we’re totally reliant on some pretty fragile materials and equipment keeping us alive.

I’m sure everything will be fine of course, but what if something did go wrong?

On this episode we’ll create a simulation that shows a rather unfortunate “virtual Colin” tossed out into deep space wearing only his pants.

Intrigued? Well, I wouldn’t be. But whatever floats your space boat I suppose…

Things to Learn

  • What would happen to you if you were floating in deep space without a spacesuit?
  • Is it possible to survive in deep space?
  • What's the speed of light?
  • How do scientists talk about the massive numbers we're working with in space. 
  • Why is Earth’s ozone layer so important?


Send us a tweet @HostileWorldsHQ and let us know where you’d like us to take The Tardigrade next.

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