Hospital Podcast: MC Fats "We Gotcha" special

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Jun 11, 20141h 0m
Hospital Podcast: MC Fats "We Gotcha" special
Jun 11 '141h 0m
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This edition of the Hospital podcast is dedicated to the legendary MC Fats whose voice can be heard on an endless list of classic drum & bass. Sadly, MC Fats has been suffering from severe diabetes and was recently very ill in hospital. To show support, the drum & bass community has joined up to put together the “We Gotcha” series (released on MC Fats’ label) to showcase his talent.
This special mix, put together by A-Sides, presents the wide range of music that featured the stunning vocals of MC Fats.
“We Gotcha LP Combination 2”
“We Gotcha LP Combination 1”
“We Gotcha 1 EP”
“We Gotcha 2 EP”

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