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Dec 4, 20181m | se1 : e1
Hope Sports: Conversations About Purpose
Dec 4 '181m | se1e1
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Olympic gold medalist diver, Laura Wilkinson, welcomes listeners to join her in discovering what gives elite athletes meaning beyond their sport.


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Our format is pretty simple: every week I’ll be chatting with a different elite athlete to explore their journey not only as a competitor in their sport - but also as a person. This isn’t a conversation about wins or losses. This is a conversation about purpose. The reality is - and I know it all too well - that as an athlete, it’s easy to feel defined by the milliseconds and micropoints that determine standings from one week to the next. But there comes a point when winning ceases to be fulfilling, and medals just aren’t enough. And that is where the pursuit of purpose begins.

Each athlete on this Podcast comes with a unique story, filled with the particular twists and turns that brought them to where they are today. We’ll talk about what made them fall in love with their sport, who mentored them along the way, and ultimately, what brings them fulfillment outside of competition.

Our guests might share about most memorable victories or notorious failures, but what we hope you hear is that through it all, these athletes are seeking meaning. They are powerhouses not only in their arenas, but also in their families, teams, and communities.. At Hope Sports we believe in purpose over performance and are so excited to share the stories of athletes who exude that truth on this podcast.


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