Dad's Mental Health with Dr. Dan Singley

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Jun 17, 201845m
Dad's Mental Health with Dr. Dan Singley
Jun 17 '1845m
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In this episode I sit down with Clinical Psychologist and father involvement researcher Dr. Dan Singley. In honor of Father's Day and International Father's Mental Health Day, we explore dad's mental health, specifically in early fatherhood. We explore the messages that dad's receive, the fatherhood generational gap, symptoms of perinatal mood and anxiety disoders in dads, risk factors, protective factors, and the importance in supporting emotional intelligence for men. Some of the resources mentioned in the episode are: social networking site for dad's Padre Cadre, Life of Dad, Daddit, and Postpartum Support International. At the end of the episode I also share research findings from a study I conducted looking at paternal peripartum depression. To find more about Dr. Singley's work you can find him at 

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