17: On the "Verge" of Entrepreneurship: Meet Matt Jones with Verge Law Group | The Hive Five
Aug 9 '1829m
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In this episode of the Hive Five, we were glad to have on Matt Jones the founder of Verge Law Group. In addition to Verge Law Group, he is also an entrepreneur, a mentor to the Oklahoma City startup community, and a mentor for the Thunder Launchpad, which we talked about in Episode 2 of the Hive Five. Matt worked in a traditional law firm out of law school and got great mentorship, but decided after a couple years to branch off and start the Verge Law Group. With Verge Law Group, Matt focuses most of his energy on startups. He represents startups, entrepreneurs, and high growth companies. Matt works with a lot of technology startups, private equity investors and investment groups, mom and pop community based businesses, creatives, advertising agencies, and most other types of professionals within the entrepreneurial community. Verge has clients all over the place, but focuses primarily in the Oklahoma City area. He talks about how most attorneys aren’t doing what Verge does and how he started by doing lots of hustling, cultivating a community, and word of mouth clients.  We also ask him about what startups and people starting small businesses should focus on with regards to legal needs and how they can make sure their bases are covered, even without the resources or finances of a major corporation. Lastly, with all of this going in Matt’s life, he also has a family and so we discuss how he manages to be an entrepreneur, a lawyer, a mentor to startups, and also a dad. Balancing all of this can be challenging, but we talk to him about what he does to make sure he doesn’t neglect those things important to him. All in all, this is a great episode and we cover all kinds of topics. 5 Key Takeaways 1. Momentum is everything. Seek to create it and keep it going 2. Progress not perfection (progress without the expectation of perfection) 3. Discover where you are most irreplaceable and triple down on that value 4. Simplicity and leanness wins 5. Make sure that all of your buckets are full (Listen to the episode for Matt’s personal buckets) Check out Verge Law Group: [https://www.vergelaw.com/](https://www.vergelaw.com/) Matt's Contact Info: [https://www.vergelaw.com/contact/](https://www.vergelaw.com/contact/) Find BriteBee here: [https://www.britebee.com/](https://www.britebee.com/) BriteBee's Social Media: LinkedIn: [https://www.linkedin.com/company/britebee/](https://www.linkedin.com/company/britebee/) Twitter: [https://twitter.com/BriteBeeCo?lang=en](https://twitter.com/BriteBeeCo?lang=en) FaceBook: [https://www.facebook.com/BriteBeeCo/](https://www.facebook.com/BriteBeeCo/) Blog: [https://www.britebee.com/blog/](https://www.britebee.com/blog/)

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