Joi on Betty Davis's "They Say I'm Different"

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Oct 2, 201733m
Joi on Betty Davis's "They Say I'm Different"
Oct 2 '1733m
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On the premiere episode of Heat Rocks, future soul artist Joi Gilliam joins Morgan and Oliver to talk about They Say I'm Different, the 1974 album by the unsung queen of funk, Betty Davis!

It's really an obvious pairing: Betty Davis was one of the most original and fascinating figures of the 1970s, and Joi is an artist very much cut from Betty's cloth, but a generation later. We had a super fun conversation about the importance and uniqueness of Betty and what she's meant, especially, to waves of Black women artists who've followed in her path in the 40+ years since. 

Watch for Joi's new album, Rebekkah HolyLove Salvation Symphony, this fall! 

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