"Greening" Your Sex Life - with Kim Marks

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May 16, 201727m
"Greening" Your Sex Life - with Kim Marks
May 16 '1727m
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The “Green” movement is taking over the nation. We now try to read ingredient labels and look for organic logos on our food products, but are we doing the same when we shop for sex products? Keely and Jae go down to Eugene, Oregon to interview Kim Marks in her Pleasure Shop, As You Like It. Kim is the founding owner of the Shop and the As You Like It body product line. In this episode Kim uses her 20+ years of experience in environmental and climate justice to explain how under-regulated sex and body products are, the health benefits of going Green in your sex life, and how we as consumers can avoid being "Green washed" and help support the eco-sexual movement when purchasing our sex products.

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