Hear United Talk - Episode 5

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Dec 18, 201740m
Hear United Talk - Episode 5
Dec 18 '1740m
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This is the fifth episode of the brand new Hear United Talk podcast. Created by the supporters, for the supporters. In this week's episode we discuss: • The two victories over Bournemouth & West Brom • Nemanja Matic • Carabao Cup Quarter Final • Leicester Away Preview As always, thanks to everyone for listening, and remember to send in your thoughts & feedback to us on Twitter @HearUnitedTalk! This is our last episode of 2017, before we take a small break for Christmas, returning at the start of January. Thank you everyone for the support, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Hear United Talk! Enjoy the episode! #hearunitedtalk #mufc #podcast

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