Episode #13 - Return To Europe

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Feb 19, 201853m
Episode #13 - Return To Europe
Feb 19 '1853m
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Hello and welcome to the Hear United Talk podcast. Hear United Talk is a Manchester United Supporters Podcast, created by the supporters, for the supporters. Hear United Talk was created in November 2017 to interact and communicate with United supporters, and to give you the chance to listen to a weekly United podcast. Each episode we discuss the latest news and topics regarding Manchester United. Usual topics consist of; United's recent performances, upcoming fixtures, transfer talk, player form, and more. Each week we provide new topics and fresh content for you to listen to. If you are a regular listener, thank you for your support and we hope you continue to listen to us! If you are a new listener, please have a listen to the podcast and let us know what you think by tweeting us @HearUnitedTalk. It's only 30-40 minutes out of your life, and you never know, you might actually enjoy it! In this week's episode we discuss: • Huddersfield 0-2 United • Scott McTominay • Sevilla(A) • Chelsea (H) As always, thanks to everyone for listening, and remember to send in your thoughts & feedback to us on Twitter @HearUnitedTalk!

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