Sep 17, 201543m
The Growing Digital Divide - Helping Businesses on the Outside of the Leading Edge
Sep 17 '1543m
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Things online move fast!

Is your business keeping up?

Does your business need too?

We dive into this question and more as we tackle the Growing Digital Divide: Helping Businesses on the Outside of the Leading Edge!


The Growing Digital Divide: Helping Businesses on the Outside of the Leading Edge!

Businesses can struggle to keep up with the fast changes in the digital world.  Just this spring we were all talking about the need to use video on Facebook as the "leading edge."  That hasn't changed, but some changes by Google+ have made that network less of a "social media" tool and more of a utility.  In my mind, Google+ is declining in value.  Were you using Facebook video yet or trying to ramp up your Google+ use?

Add to that the rage of live streaming and the onslaught of Meerkat and Periscope this summer and business marketers could feel they were behind.  I confess I didn't really jump in on Periscope or Meerkat that much.  I experimented but it wasn't a clear fit.  I'm glad I didn't because (1) my audience wasn't really there and (2) both of those livestreaming apps was then (in my opinion) superseded by Blab!

Blab, to me, made more sense primarily because of efficiencies.  I have a podcast audience.  Some listeners wanted that podcast to be video.  Video works well on Facebook.  So I could do a "Blab" and use their tools to then convert it into multiple pieces of content:

  • The Live event Blab
  • A podcast audio file
  • A video replay for YouTube
  • A video to post to Facebook
  • A blog post with audio and video in it!

BOOM! I was sold!  That's five distinct content options from one live event.  That's what I needed!  A way to reach my audience in multiple forms where they are at.... and for me to do if efficiently!

Some businesses in the leading edge of digital flow with all these online changes easily.  Many businesses, however, don't.  They are lost in the digital overload.

In this episode, I sit with Jessika Phillips of Now Marketing Group and Donna Gilliland of MOS Training to discuss this trend.  Along the way we invite in my friend Vicki McLeod from Maple Ridge, BC, Canada, and we dig in from the perspective of business trainers, consultants, and agencies working with clients across the spectrum of leading edge to those just starting out.


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