How Instagram Can Work for Manufacturers and B2B
Oct 15 '1538m
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Can Instagram work for manufacturers and B2B?

Isn’t Instagram primarily geared for business-to-consumer and used by young people?

If your business builds products and relies on channels like dealers and distributors to sell your end-goods, is it worthwhile to be on Instagram?

If your business is asking these types of questions, then this post is for you!

I interview Instagram expert and social media consultant Jenn Herman of Jenn’s Trends.  In a unique livecast Blab format, I take the position of a skeptic and question Jenn from my starting point of not being able to potential in Instagram for business.  Listen in as I play the role of a RV (recreational vehicle) manufacturing exec who is not convinced that Instagram has any value for our business!

More than just a interview on Instagram, this talk is a guide to Instagram for those companies that are product oriented, not direct-to-consumer, and in industries that are not geared to a single person being the “face” of the company.  Think of it as a guide to Instagram for practical industries!


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