Episode 22: 11/19/2017

Episode of: Half Machine Lip Moves

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Nov 20, 20172h 44m
Episode 22: 11/19/2017
Nov 20 '172h 44m
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Full playlist at https://bit.ly/2slfB1g | We had a nice crunchy industrial set, played the first harsh noise wall block on the radio in Arkansas, blasted your ears with some no wave, then we listened to some obscure minimal wave Operator OT found when he went down a rabbit hole, then closed with an avante-garde set.

Artists played: Kompressor, Missing Foundation, Captured By Robots, Punch Drunk, Einleitungzeit, Cazzodio, Brighter Death Now, Redrot, Negation, Fouke, The Rita, The Ebony Tower, Emaciator, A View From Nihil, Static Mantra, Teenage Jesus & the Jerks, The Contortions, DNA, Melt-Banana, Tunnel Canary, The Chinese Stars, The Magits, Combined Minds, Iko, Tres, No Unauthorized, Das Kabinette, Mnemonists, Nurse With Wound & Aranos.

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