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Feb 2, 20181h 32m
Feb 2 '181h 32m
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Just because a man is your boyfriend doesn't mean he can touch you any time he wants and just because a man is your father-in-law doesn't mean you have to hug him. Now that we've got that covered, co-hosts Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson sit down with comedian and abortion clinic escort -- JOYELLE JOHNSON! Joyelle says nah to big dicks, yes to a woman's right to choose, and no thank you to exes showing up on her college campus. She is both excellent and hilarious and you're gonna love her. BOOK: "FUCKED: Being Sexually Explorative and Self-Confident in a World That's Screwed" in Hard Copy / Audiobook / eBook: Want more episodes of #GuysWeFucked in you life? Subscribe to our Stitcher Premium bonus episodes using this link --- FOLLOW JOYELLE JOHNSON ON TWITTER: Email us: Tweet the ladies: Tweet Corinne: Tweet Krystyna: Follow us on Instagram: SorryAboutLastNight YouTube: Facebook: LINK TO OUR TEDx Talk "How Much?": COME SEE US LIVE! For full touring schedule, please visit **NYC** FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23RD @ 11:15PM NACHO BITCHES hosted by Corinne Fisher & Blair Socci New York Comedy Club 241 E. 24th Street NYC Tix are $12 with code NACHO SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24TH @ 7:30pm GLAMOURPUSS with Krystyna Hutchinson & Wendi Starling Zinc Bar 82 W. 3rd Street NYC Tix are $15 MUSIC FEATURED THIS WEEK: 1. Skela - "Secret" 2. Kellz & The Truth Experiment - "Kemosabe" FIND ALL THE TUNES FROM GUYS WE FUCKED HERE: GUYS WE FUCKED: THE ANTI-SLUTSHAMING PLAYLIST Do you think your music should be featured on an episode of GWF? E-mail Stephen a streaming link to:

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