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Nov 2, 20161m
Guys and Food Promo
Nov 2 '161m
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Think of it as a man cave where guys talk food and drink instead of sports! Guys and Food is for you and other guys who love food. You don’t have be a chef or work in the food business. You don’t have to be an expert or a gourmet. You may just enjoy cooking, you may like to explore history or other cultures through food, or you may just like to eat. You’ll probably like Guys and Food if: • Your idea of a power tool is an immersion blender. • You’re more interested in who won Top Chef than who won the latest sporting event in the national headlines. • You’re the type of guy who likes to talk about the last meal that you ate, the meal you are eating, and the next meal you’ll eat. • You covet your friend’s Viking Stove over his new sports car.

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