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Jan 8 '19
Rating:   10
Enjoyable, Enlightening and Inspirational

Collin and Caitlin's passion for sharing "The Magic Of Disney World" shines in this informative and unique exchange of memories.I really enjoyed listening to the shared perspective of their pleasant experiences growing up at Walt Disney World. As someone who visited Walt Disney World as a young boy with my parents in the fall of 1971, I too experienced my childhood growing up with regular visits to Disney World. Although my personal experiences are much different, it was exciting to hear the details and "Moments Of Magic" from another generations perspective.I went on to have a Wonderful career as a Cast Member for many years and have come full circle as I am back to doing what I enjoy most and that is being a Disney Guest! Today I too consider Disney World "my home" and my comfort zone.As Disney World is transitioning with so many exciting changes to marvel and entertain the future generations, it really is inspirational to listen to the "Magic Of Disney" carried into the 21st Century through this fabulous story telling with Collin and Caitlin.I wish you both the all the success in life's journey and look forward to listening to more of your amazing journey from the most Magical Place on earth!Friends,Marc

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