Dementia & An Uncertain Future with Kathy Ryan

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Mar 5, 201930m
Dementia & An Uncertain Future with Kathy Ryan
Mar 530m
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The most difficult thing for Kathy Ryan when she was diagnosed with Younger Onset Alzheimers Disease was the scary and sad reality that at some stage in the future, she will look at her two boys Andrew and Matt, and not know who they are. Over 5 years ago In January 2014, Kathy was diagnosed with with the terminal illness, and in this week’s episode of Grief Encounters, she speaks to Sasha and Venetia about grieving herself - a topic that is yet to appear on the podcast.

Kathy has experienced difficulties with memory loss since she was in her forties, but never anticipated that it could be anything related to the illness that now impacts many aspects of her life. That was until her father was diagnosed with vascular dementia and through her own research, noticed she shared some of the same symptoms with him. Since then, Kathy has dedicated her life in to safeguarding her future as putting huge amounts of time and work into advocacy on behalf of The Alzheimer Society of Ireland. Kathy’s story is inspirational, and in the episode she describes vividly about what effects the illness have on her everyday life, and how important small acts of kindness and patience can be towards those living with the disease.

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