Nov 7, 20171h 49m
#16: Grow Your Startup + Communicate More Effectively w/ Actionable Takeaways from 19 Books (S1 Ep3)
Nov 7 '171h 49m
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We dive into 19 books to give a wide overview on mental frameworks to help you grow your startup and communicate more effectively. Support me on Patreon! Thanks to Shapeshift for sponsoring the show! Thanks to Keith Klundt, Mike Goldin, John Desmond, Colin Wielga, Harry Lindmark, Joe Urgo, John Lindmark, Daniel Segal, Jacob Zax, Katie Powell, Jonathan Isaac, Brady McKenna, Jeff Snyder, Ryan X Charles, Chris Edmonds, Ramsay Devereux, Ned Mills, Kenji Williams, Scott Levi, Peter Rodgers, Kenzie Jacobs, Jon Frechin, Nathan Schneider, and Kash Dhanda for supporting me on Patreon!

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