Andrea Catherwood on Constance Markievicz

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Sep 19, 201728m
Andrea Catherwood on Constance Markievicz
Sep 19 '1728m
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Constance Markievicz led an amazing life - a leading figure during the Easter Rising of 1916, she was the first woman elected to Westminster though she never took her seat. Markievicz was born into a wealthy anglo-Irish family and gained her exotic surname from marriage to a Polish count. She was adventurous, flamboyant, committed to woman's rights, court-martialled and nearly shot. Nominating her is Andrea Catherwood, ex-ITN correspondent who made her first documentary for Radio 4. Alongside her in the studio is Lindie Naughton, author of Markievicz - A Most Outrageous Rebel. Matthew Parris presents, the producer in Bristol is Miles Warde.

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