Is it Jesus?
Feb 12 '184m
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Get ready for that Motivational Moment as Pastor Pete talks live about how to be safe and achieve what you need to at the same time! This was first broadcast as a live video on Facebook. Your motivational video for the week. What are you going to do? Let me know what you're planning. And at the end of the week tell me if you got it done. This was a live video on Facebook earlier today: http://www.facbook.com/petertimothyco... MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO WEEKLY. NEW VIDEO EACH DAY MON TO FRI God's blessing on your and all that you have to do this week. You are more than a conqueror: Never Quit. Good News This Morning is: Personal updates from Pete, Vicar of St Lukes Poulton and St Pauls Seacombe, his family and Friends. comment on interesting, moving and humorous news and articles of the day from a Christian perspective.This channel is dedicated to presenting a sideways look at breaking Christian news and and fascinating features of theology. In these Christian videos, pastor Peter Cooper takes a look at Christian issues of the day, sometimes serious and sometimes whacky: its a Christian video blog.

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