Hack Your Best Self, Fly Your Freak Flag, Get Serious About Play

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Mar 16, 201635m
Hack Your Best Self, Fly Your Freak Flag, Get Serious About Play
Mar 16 '1635m
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Today's Good Life Project Roundtable™ features guests-in-residence Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, MAPP and and Bob Gower.

Emiliya is a leading voice in the world of positive psychology and the science of flourishing, and is the founder of the Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology program, which is the largest in the world. In a past life, she was a party entertainer and knows pretty much every group dance ever invented.

Bob is a deep systems-thinker, author of Agile Business, organizational-dynamics consultant to some of the largest companies in the world. He's also an ex-cult member, and that comes out in interesting ways in the conversation. They'll be our guests-in-residence for the next two weeks, so buckle up.

This is week two in their residency, to be followed by their third and final week next week.

Our three topics in this episode:

  • Making time for unadulterated joy and play.
  • Is it getting easier to fly your freak flag without being rejected?
  • How can you hack your "best self?"

It's fast-paced, fun, utterly unscripted and at times a bit raw, but always good-natured and very real. Enjoy! And let us know if you like this format, over on social media.

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