23 Episodes | First Released: Jul 20 '06 | 🇺🇸
Tjioe Phek-tong
Aug 12 '07
Rating:   8
Rigorous, yet entertaining series of talks on topics in natural theology

Mr. Severino did an outstanding job in appropriating the philosophical concepts of Aristotle, the theological teachings of St. Thomas, and the exegetical language of biblical hermeneutics to deliver a series of fun, dynamic, and stimulating presentation of Catholic cathethesis to quench the thirst of metaphysically hungry crowd. If you are looking for your first exposure to why issues in natural and revealed theology are relevant to your life, listen to this series and you will be entertained along the way. The strength of Mr. Severino's presentation is that unless absolutely necessary, he did not bring any of the academic jargons into his presentation; yet his presentation is always logical, compelling, and thought-provoking. If I had heard this talk in my youth (and if I-Pod podcast were available then), Mr. Severino's presentation would have probably saved me some existential crises later on in life.

My only giving four stars (rather than 5) is not because of the quality of the material, but the audio sound is not of studio quality.

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