Josephine Taylor, teen Celiac Advocate

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Apr 4, 20193m | se1 : e35
Josephine Taylor, teen Celiac Advocate
Apr 43m | se1e35
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Josephine Taylor is a 15 year student that has advocated for 3 years for a microwave in her school so that she, and other celiac students, could enjoy a hot lunch like her peers. Her hard work paid off but she isn't stopping there. Her goal: that she help every student get a microwave in their schools so they can enjoy hot lunches too.

Representative Mark Finchem in Tucson, Az. supported her efforts and is rocking to add an amendment to an existing education bill to make sure theirs a microwave in every school for those with celiac to use. Josephine's next goal: to get a microwave for celiac students in every school in the country.

You can listen to Josephine talk about her efforts here.

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