Gluten Free Food is delicious

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Apr 15, 20193m | se1 : e40
Gluten Free Food is delicious
Apr 153m | se1e40
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Gluten free food can get a bad rap even thought there are delicious food and products out there. There are people who actually prefer gluten free versions of products who don't even need to eat gluten free.

My extended family is a perfect example. Growing up in an Italian - American family, pasta was a staple. When they visit, they request the gluten free pasta we buy from Garofalo*. It's the best gluten free pasta we've had and even stays soft when cold. Which is a super power for gluten free pasta.

What are some products you buy (or make) that non-gluten free friends and family request?

*I love Garofalo Gluten Free pasta and would recommend to anyone looking for a delicious pasta. This is an affiliate link and a portion of any sale goes to support Baltimore Gluten Free's work. There is no additional cost passed on to you!

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