Gluten Found in GF Restaurant Food

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Apr 24, 20194m | se1 : e46
Gluten Found in GF Restaurant Food
Apr 244m | se1e46
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A recent study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology examined gluten found in restaurant food labeled gluten free. The researchers analyzed 18 months worth of data – using 5,624 tests performed by 804 Nima users around the country.

While there are serious concerns about gluten cross contact in restaurant settings, there are a lot of problems with this study. These include the fact that Nima is deemed a "gadget" by the FDA. Another issue: cross contact must be evaluated using scientifically validated methods. Using the unvalidated Nima Sensor in a “scientific” study as the basis for determining whether a restaurant is accurately listing a food to be gluten-free is a problem.

Until validated, this gadget can harm individuals and business by providing unreliable information. Read more from Gluten Free Watchdog:

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