Ep.328: Respectful Convos

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Aug 15, 201951m
Ep.328: Respectful Convos
Aug 1551m
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We were blown away by the responses we received after last week’s tough conversation. We share listener emails and responses to the gun control vs mental health issue, and emphasize how great it is that we can have open and honest conversations about hard things. Most importantly we talk about how powerful respectful conversations can be, and how we try to go about putting this in to practice every day. We wrap up with a few bridesmaids stories and listner Q&A, because life is all about the ups and downs! And we could all use a big deep breath. We love you! Please leave us a review! We love hearing your feedback and want to make this show the best it can be for YOU, amazing listeners. Share with a friend while you’re at it! GGW NEWSLETTER GirlsGoneWOD@gmail.com GGW Instagram Support the podcast! Click the SUBSCRIBE button! Sponsored by Kettlebell Kitchen discount code GGW

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