Ep.273: Armen Hammer

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Sep 27, 20181h 4m
Ep.273: Armen Hammer
Sep 27 '181h 4m
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Armen Hammer, ladies and gentlemen! If you don’t know who Armen is, do you even go here? Armen is one of the original hosts of the Wodcast Podcast, and one of our inspirations for starting our own podcast in the first place. This week we get to fangirl a little bit, and also chat with him about the evolution of media in the CrossFit sphere. We discuss his own development as a podcaster and video host, and how some things are bound to grow and adapt, while other things (like sneaking microphones into the CrossFit Games) never change. You can check Armen’s stuff out on Armen Hammer TV. SPONSORED BY FOUR ATHLETICS Support the podcast! Click the SUBSCRIBE button on iTunes! Please leave us a review on iTunes! We love hearing your feedback and want to make this show the best it can be for YOU, amazing listeners. Share with a friend while you’re at it! www.girlsgonewodpodcast.com Send us an email with feedback, voice memos, and show ideas: girlsgonewod@gmail.com Additional production work and theme song by David Dalton http://daviddalton.com/

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