Ep.245: We’re in Venice, CA!

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Mar 15, 201840m
Ep.245: We’re in Venice, CA!
Mar 15 '1840m
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This week we’re LIVE (sort of) from the living room of our adorable Venice, CA VRBO! We had an amazing time in LA meeting up with some great people and soaking in the sun and trendy ice cream options. So sit back, relax, and catch up with us during this classic J&C episode! Support the podcast! Click the SUBSCRIBE button on iTunes! Please leave us a review on iTunes!! We love hearing your feedback and want to make this show the best it can be for YOU, amazing listeners. Share with a friend while you’re at it! www.girlsgonewodpodcast.com Send us an email with feedback, voice memos, and show ideas: girlsgonewod@gmail.com Additional production work and theme song by David Dalton http://daviddalton.com/

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