Ep.114: CrossFit Lessons

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Sep 10, 201542m
Ep.114: CrossFit Lessons
Sep 10 '1542m
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This episode is a little bit of a love letter to CrossFit. But we don’t love to WOD because we love burpees, or hand rips, or being so sore we can barely walk (although we do kind of love those things, let’s be honest). It’s because there’s something about this crazy sport that teaches us about ourselves and the world around us in a way that nothing else can. So this week we talk about what CrossFit has taught us, and learn the things that CrossFit has taught our listeners, too. Oh, and it’s JOY’S BIRTHDAY!!! So we obviously talk about that, too. Yay CrossFit and Happy Birthday Joy!! Girls Gone WOD Podcast is sponsored by QALO. http://qalo.com

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