Ep.108: 2015 Crossfit Games

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Jul 30, 201556m
Ep.108: 2015 Crossfit Games
Jul 30 '1556m
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Spandex, peg boards, ice cream sandwiches, and Julie Foucher… CrossFitLand was everything we hoped it would be and more, and we might be in denial that it’s over. This week we recap our awesome experience at the 2015 CrossFit Games, complete with a rundown of CF celebs we rubbed elbows with, and a certain CF celeb who we maybe just took a creepy picture of the back of his head a instead. We also chat a bit about the decision to program “Murph” in the middle of the summer SoCal heat, and what elements like the peg board represent for CrossFit athletes everywhere. Now, who’s ready for the 2016 Games?! Girls Gone WOD Podcast is sponsored by QALO. http://qalo.com

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