Bonus Episode: Whole 30/Day 26

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Jun 10, 201734m
Bonus Episode: Whole 30/Day 26
Jun 10 '1734m
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Please note explicit language! Earmuffs for the kiddos. Bonus time! Warning: the bonus episodes sprinkled (mmmmm sprinkles) throughout our Whole 30 will not be fancy and pretty. They are iPhone voice memos strung together throughout our days. If you’re a new listener you might want to listen to a regular episode of our random ramblings. We are off on a Whole 30 journey together and wanted to document the darn thing because some of you are doing it with us, and, well, we want you to know you are not alone. Let us know how you’re doing by tagging us on social! And if you have a topic or question you want us to address on the Whole 30 bonus episodes send an email to: CHEERS and no beers! xo J&C Support the podcast! Click the SUBSCRIBE button on iTunes! Share by using the hashtag #TRYPOD Please leave us a review on iTunes!! We love hearing your feedback and want to make this show the best it can be for YOU, amazing listeners. Share with a friend while you’re at it! Send us an email with feedback and show ideas:

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