Reverse Lunge

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Oct 2, 20130m
Reverse Lunge
Oct 2 '130m
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The Reverse lunge is a great exercise for the entire leg, as well as the abdominals and your metabolism.   Are you doing it correctly?  Listen to Fit Girl Guide Podcast episode Fit 185 for  more info!

Common mistakes when doing the Reverse Lunge include: 

  • lifting of the front leg heel
  • using the rear leg too much
  • leaning forward 
  • poor posture

Key points to focus on for a good Reverse Lunge:
  • Keep shoulders back and down for proper posture
  • Focus on the front leg, which is your working leg
  • Drag your rear leg, don't use it!
  • Move slowly
  • Keep the heel of the front leg pressed into the floor
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