49 | Horror | “Brother” by Ania Ahlborn

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Apr 24, 201936m
49 | Horror | “Brother” by Ania Ahlborn
Apr 2436m
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You may think that you are prepared for Ania Ahlborn's "Brother", but you probably aren't.As always, our review is SPOILER FREE until after the break - assuming you could stomach the book in the first place! Join us - Sandra and Scott want to chat about the gut-wrenching glory that is "Brother".To learn more about our unique scoring system, go to genrejunkies.com/scores.Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or RSS.Want to become a patron of the show? Head on over to www.patreon.com/genrejunkiesIntro/Outro Theme “Where Did She Go?” by Jay Man www.ourmusicbox.com.

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