609 - Battle of the Bastards - Instant Take

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Jun 20, 201623m | se6 : e9
609 - Battle of the Bastards - Instant Take
Jun 20 '1623m | se6e9
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Jim and A.Ron survey the horrors of war that is episode 609 of HBO’s Game of Thrones, “Battle of the Bastards”, and proclaim it brutal, ultimately satisfying, if a tad predictable.  There were no real surprises to be found tonight if you’ve been paying attention the past few weeks, but it’s still nice to see the end of some truly nasty regimes tonight, even if the casualties were high in both the statistical and personal sense.  At this stage each loss of life is going to hurt in the war to come, that still awaits north of the wall. And we still don’t know the true cost of the hasty alliances made with the Greyjoys and Littlefinger’s Arryn forces.  And will Sansa’s talk of “no one” be prophetic?  We ponder all this and more in this Instant Take.  Be sure to rejoin us on Tuesday for our complete scene by scene break down with tons of commentary from our fellow fans.
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