Olivia Colman, Luther, Surgery and embroidery

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Jan 2, 201928m
Olivia Colman, Luther, Surgery and embroidery
Jan 228m
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Olivia Colman is winning major awards for her portrayal of Queen Anne in The Favourite, Yorgos Lanthimos’ film about a scandalous love triangle between the monarch, the Duchess of Marlborough and her cousin Abigail Masham. Olivia Colman discusses the difference between playing Queen Anne and her other role as our present Queen Elizabeth in the forthcoming series of The Crown. Luther is back. Dreda Say Mitchell reviews Idris Elba’s return as the maverick police detective as the BBC airs an episode a night this week. Roger Kneebone, Professor of Surgical Education, and embroiderer Fleur Oakes, artist-in-residence in the vascular department of Imperial College London, discuss the role of embroidery and 'thread management' in helping surgeons become more proficient when they perform vascular surgery. Presenter Janina Ramirez Producer Jerome Weatherald

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