Agnès Varda, The rise of grime, Artistic superstitions

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Jul 13, 201834m
Agnès Varda, The rise of grime, Artistic superstitions
Jul 13 '1834m
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Grime has been on an epic journey from subculture to explosive phenomenon. John speaks to presenter DJ Target, writer of Grime Kids, and to music journalist Dan Hancox, writer of Inner City Pressure. They discuss Grime as music of protest and how it evolves in a rapidly shifting landscape. Agnès Varda on her life as a legendary film-maker of the Nouvelle Vague, and her work as an artist as her first commission in the UK for the Liverpool Biennial goes on show. It's Friday the 13th so what better day to take a look at the rich history and strange persistence of artistic superstitions? John is joined by writer Ellen Weinstein and actor Michael Simkins. Presenter: John Wilson Producer: Sarah Johnson. Main image: John Wilson and Agnès Varda. Credit: Ben Mitchell

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