Who Wrote the Mueller Report? I Don’t Think it was Robert Mueller

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Jul 27, 20190m
Who Wrote the Mueller Report? I Don’t Think it was Robert Mueller
Jul 27 '190m
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Podcast 83 Like many of you, I watched this week as Robert Mueller stammered and struggled through his testimony to the House members. I for one felt sorry for Mueller. He looked like a sickly old man who wanted to yell at kids for being on his front lawn. All that being said, the hearings left me with one question. Who wrote the Mueller Report? I don't think it was Robert Mueller. Topics we will discuss on Podcast 83. Robert Mueller's Report and His Testimony The biggest conclusion I reached after watching Robert Mueller in front of Congress was that he did not have a detailed knowledge of the report issued in his name. My evidence for this is clear. When he said he never asked his team their political views, I believe him. Mueller failed to answer nearly 200 questions. He contradicted his report and his letters to Attorney General William Barr. Robert Mueller frequently was not familiar with citations from his report. And he seemed inept. We have learned a new phrase to add to any question we are asked. "It is not in my purview." (Listen to the clip in podcast 83) Mueller's Report and today's political Climate Robert Mueller has been heralded for two years or more as this man of upstanding integrity. I find this a contradiction. True he may have wanted to do what is best for our country. However, a man of integrity would never continue to draw a paycheck when he learns what he is investigating is a hoax. A man of integrity would also want to know all of the truth. Truths were left out of this report. Evidence that is clear to the American people was omitted or just ignored. How do you not investigate information on the Clinton campaign, the Steels Dossier, or even hiring anti-Trump prosecutors? Americans want the truth. If laws were broken we want those who break the laws held accountable. However, people like Jerry Nadler proved he has a double standard. Jerry Nadler and the Mueller Report What was vomited multiple times by the Dem's? The phrase "no one is above the law." I agree with this statement. However, if no one is above the law, why do they fight for those breaking our laws? We cant use the word illegal because it is called "inhumane" or "harsh." Every day those who are above our laws cross our border with no consequence. Just the thought of a border wall or deporting those who recklessly mock our laws is called racist. Jerry Nadler has a double standard. Nadler also only wants laws applied when it benefits him politically. Mueller's Report was supposed to work to Nadler's favor. It failed miserably. Robert Mueller's miscalculation Robert Mueller had come of age in an era of professional responsibility and did not realize he now lived in an era of harsh, even vicious, partisanship. The more I watched him, the more I concluded that he must have been a figurehead. The tough, younger Trump-hating Democrats must have networked with one another and assembled a legal team dedicated to destroying President Donald Trump and protecting the Clintons. Seen from this perspective, it is a tribute to Trump. Despite their best efforts, these deeply hostile prosecutors could not find evidence of serious wrongdoing. They could write innuendo but in the end, Trump won. President Trump came out smelling like a rose, and Nadler, Mueller, and his band of Anti-Trump prosecutors smelled like the fertilizer. Wednesday's inadequate performance by Mueller raises new questions. If Mueller has been as out of touch with his report over the last two years as he seemed Wednesday, then who was driving the team, and who was writing the report? Mueller's Report was a pre-game for Impeachment I felt the hearing were a pre-game plan for impeachment. My feelings of this were before the hearings even started. Mueller was to come into the room and read from his report. His reading was to state he could not exonerate the president.

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