The Third Democrat Debate: Analysis of Racism, Socialism, and No Guns

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Sep 14, 20190m
The Third Democrat Debate: Analysis of Racism, Socialism, and No Guns
Sep 14 '190m
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Podcast 93 Thursday night was not just a dramatic night on Big Brother. For those of you who were not tuned into the BB household, the third Democrat debate was on ABC. Staying true to the "unbiased" stance ABC is known for, a panel of liberal Democrats questioned the liberal Democrat 2020 candidates. Candidates like Joe Biden, Julian Castro, Beto O'Rourke, and others. Podcast 93 will discuss the third Democrat debate full of accusations of racism, the push of Socialism, and we must have no guns in society. How America will lose if President Trump doesn't win. Third Democrat Presidential Debate The third night of debate for the Democrat nomination was held Thursday night. Many of you may not have watched this debate and that was smart. I watched most of the debate. My wife and I did spend time flipping between Big Brother and the Debate. The first obvious red flag to me was the moderators. Let me remind you that the DNC has refused to let Fox News host a debate. That being said the moderators were throwing softballs all night to the candidates. The moderators included Linsey Davis, George Stephanopoulos, David Muir, and Jorge Ramos. All four of which are strong Democrat supporters. Jorge Ramos was there for one reason. To tell the viewers that Donald Trump was a racist. So let us begin the Front Porch discussion with one of his questions to Pete Buttigieg on racism. Racist: A Catch Phrase of the Democratic Debate Ramos asked the question "Do you think people who support President Trump and his immigration policy are racist?" Pete Buttigieg the Mayor of South Bend made a profound statement to any conservative. If you support immigration laws you are a racist and support racism. Let me also remind you that the immigration laws are not President Trumps. The Immigration Law is the law of the United States. Some of the candidates on stage are the very people in Washington who could change this law, but yet they have not. Buttigieg was quick to answer that "anyone who supports this is supporting racism." So by Buttigieg standards all of America is racist. I know what you are thinking, how ridiculous. This is a tone that is put in place on purpose. Beto O'Rourke supported this claim of racism. Beto O'Rourke | | Podcast 93: The Third Democrat Debate Robert Francis stated that we can mark the creation of this country not as July 4th, 1776. We mark it as 1619. He, of course, goes on to talk about how this was when the first slaves were brought to our continent. That being said, he is absolutely wrong. The United States of America celebrates the year 1776 as the year of our countries birth. Anything before that was under British rule. I'm sure Robert Francis' prep school taught him better, he just ignores the truth. Democrat Candidates call Trump a "White Supremacist" Beto and Buttigieg were part of the cast who called President Trump a racist all night. Kamala Harris and Julian Castro blamed the President for the shootings in El Paso. I guess that they ignore the leftist that have committed shootings. What about the murders that happen in major cities like Chicago everyday? I guess that is Trump's fault also. Past the accusations of the President came Corey Booger (Booker). Spartacus, a.k.a. Booker goes a step further. Booker claims that he will create a new task force in his Administration. A task force who is to target white supremacy. Front Porch Family, time and time again I have told you that as a conservative I want all to be successful in America. This is part of the foundation of conservative thinking. Democrat Debate Hatred of White People So who are we blaming for all of the mass shootings in our country? The murder? No. The thought of holding the evil person responsible is not acceptable to these folks. They blame white people. So Booker's solution is to task force against whites. Sounds like racism to me.

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