No Collusion, No Clinton, and AOC Discovers a Garbage Disposal

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May 8, 20190m
No Collusion, No Clinton, and AOC Discovers a Garbage Disposal
May 8 '190m
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Podcast 63 This week's podcast will be full of great information for the Front Porch Family. We will cover the topics of No Collusion, No Clinton, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez discovers garbage disposals. You will not want to miss this podcast. No Collusion President Trump has a great reason to celebrate, and so does America. The two years, thirty million dollars, investigation into the Trump campaigns collusion with Russia has wrapped up. Evidence has shown no collusion. American's should be celebrating the end result of this investigation. CNN, MSNBC, and other media outlets, however, are not happy at all. Pundits have constantly told the American people that our President has been a puppet for Putin. Congressional oversight committees have now shifted their attention to a new standard. Impeachment of everyone from Trump to Barr has been thrown at all viewers faster than a Nolan Ryan fastball. Sadly a Nolan Ryan Fastball is more effective. American's have realized that the media will lie, and do it on a daily basis. CNN is feeling these effects as they have seen the lowest ratings in years, and have now started at looking at cutting positions at their news network. This is what happens when you lie. People turn you off. Past, Present, and Future Media pundits and certain politicians have constantly told us that we need to be fearful. We should be fearful of our countries past. Evidence of the fear we should have can be found in Black Lives Matter groups asking for a statue of Kate Smith to be taken down. Kate Smith as most of you know sang God Bless America, and it was a national icon. Socialist like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has also told us to be fearful of our future. AOC and Beto O'Rourke tell us we have 10 years to stop climate change or we are all dead. This obviously is not true. Nuclear War maybe, not Climate Change. Today in the present is where we live each day. I want to encourage each person to live today. Today is the time we can make a change. Our history is our history. America has made strides in correcting our black eyes and scars. Let us strive to remember not to be fearful of yesterday, or tomorrow, but live for today. Twitter banning Conservatives Jokesters Parody account @aocpressrelease has been banned by Twitter's Jack Dorsey. Conservative jokester has been permanently banned, however, a Pennsylvania representative has posted a video of him harassing and "bullying" an elderly woman outside a Planned Parenthood office. He went further the next day to offer $100 for anyone who would dox minors outside who were praying for the babies. Conservative you may find that we focus on our Facebook page. We do this for a reason. While conservative thought is oppressed on this social media platform, I have found we are not oppressed as much as on Twitter. What is good for the goose is good for the gander, and Jack, you should ban all not just conservatives. Hillary Clinton Former first lady and Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton this week commented that she had the election "stolen" for her. This obviously is a lie. Mrs. Clinton was a bad candidate. Yellow-Dog Democrats do not support much of the platform that the "new" Democrat Socialist are pushing. Conservatives stand for the right to life. Mrs. Clinton proclaimed that she did not during the campaign. She also went on to push the idea of LBGTQ+ rights. Roughly two percent of the population falls into this category. While everyone has rights by our Constitution, attacks on family foundations like marriage are not as popular as most politicians think they are. I believe that marriage is divinely inspired. This can be attributed to my Christian faith. However, the right to marry anyone or anything you want is not popular. If we redefine something like marriage we open Pandora's box. AOC Discovers a Garbage Disposal

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