Murders in Mexico: Socialist and the Media Ignore the Story | Podcast 104

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Nov 6, 20190m
Murders in Mexico: Socialist and the Media Ignore the Story | Podcast 104
Nov 6 '190m
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Podcast 104 Nine Americans were brutally murdered this last week in Mexico. The murders have drawn a response for action by President Trump and Republicans. Socialists like Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) were silent. Even national news outlets like CNN pushed the story to the bottom of the page in place for stories about Jane Fonda wanting impeachment. Podcast 104 will discuss the murders in Mexico of American citizens, and why the Socialist politicians and the media ignored the story. The Murders in Mexico In a massacre that shocked people around the world, three American women and six children were slaughtered by drug cartel sicarios in northern Mexico on Monday. They were killed in broad daylight while traveling in a convoy of SUVs. Several of them, including infant twins, burned to death when one of the cars exploded. Six more children were wounded. More than 24 hours after the attack, Mexican security forces have not identified which drug cartel was responsible for the killing. What is known is that the victims, members of the extended LeBaron family with dual U.S.-Mexican nationality, were part of a Mexico-based offshoot of the Mormon church whose leaders have defied violent drug cartels in the past. Mexican Security Secretary Alfonso Durazo has suggested that the victims, who were driving on a rural road in Sonora near the border of the state of Chihuahua and not far south of Arizona, may have been mistaken for a rival gang or even caught in the crossfire between warring groups. Murders in Mexico and Ilhan Omar After three American families were murdered Tuesday in Sonora, Mexico, Socialist darlings were silent. Ilhan Omar chose instead to continue her rhetoric on impeachment. Omar has yet to tweet anything related to this tragic event. I guess she just sees this event as some people did something. So why the silence when white people are murdered by a drug cartel? The proof is definitive on Omar. She is a Socialist politician who wishes to focuses on a radical change in our country in place of caring about the American people. There is no doubt that she does not care about the people themselves. We have to remember this is the same person who pleaded to have ISIS sympathizers and recruits to receive an easy sentence. Make no mistake about it, if this had been anyone of color murdered by a group of white people she would be going nuts on Twitter. It is not strange also that when people of any faith outside of her own Omar is unconcerned. I'm not looking for Omar to talk about this every day. Omar could have taken five minutes out of her day to send condolences. But it was simply silence. She does not care. If you believe her hype, you need to check your scruples. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Murders Joining her fellow radical Socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was also silent on the murders. The murders in Mexico does not fit her narrative that no one is dangers on our border. AOC is famous for her border picture stunt. She stood crying at the border in a staged picture while looking into nothingness. It's Socialist propaganda at its finest. So what was she tweeting about? The Green New Deal was the trending topic on Ocasio-Cortez's profile. She daily makes sure that she is scaring a younger population that they will die in ten years, all the while real death has taken place to Americans. When real issues need to be tackled, she can't produce any statements. Like her friend Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can't take five minutes to show respect. In AOC's perspective, we must save the World from cars, but not from drug cartels. Why not discuss this subject? Obviously, the American lives lost must not be of value to her. Conservatives all love nature. We also love human life and dignity. The murders in Mexico prove that the socialist only want stories that fit their narrative.

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