Money Monday #5 | Stocks You Need To Buy At Discount Prices Right Now

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Apr 20, 20200m
Money Monday #5 | Stocks You Need To Buy At Discount Prices Right Now
Apr 200m
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Money Monday #5 | Stocks To Buy Now Have you started investing in the stock market? Do you think that right now may be the time that you want to you? You may have a little extra money from a stimulus check. Money to actually put towards the market. what we have found that 35% of Americans are saying they're spending their stimulus checks just to pay their bills, which leaves some of that money left over. Roughly about 18 to 20% are saying they're putting it in savings. So why don't you take some of that money and put it into the market money? Money Monday #5 will discuss the stocks you need to buy at discount prices right now to grow your wealth as America recovers from Coronavirus. Money Monday #5 Introduction And thank you, Dr. Harrison. And welcome to Money Mondays on Front Porch Politics Podcast. We hope that you are having a great day. And we hope that you are ready to learn how you can actually grow your wealth in this Coronavirus economy that we have. We do have a very special week coming up for you guys. We've got three special guests this week, so we want to make sure that you go to Subscribe to the daily podcast so that you can hear each podcast. I think Wednesdays is going to be the most humorous we've ever had. We're gonna have special guest James Gregory. Thursday will be Tommy Tuberville. And Friday we were gonna have a special author. And we are very excited about having Mansplainer Cartman on the podcast Friday. But as always, Money Mondays is dedicated to your financial health and your financial future. Coronavirus Stimulus Economy 22 million Americans have filed for unemployment since this Coronavirus crisis began in our country. And no doubt that if there were a purpose and a plan to send our country into a recession, it has been accomplished. Whether or not this is political. Or whether it is just naturally occurring. I do feel like that we have hurt our $22 trillion economy by shutting it down. I know there's those of you out there who are going to say, "David, there are people dying." And, yes, that is true. Look, we don't want anyone to die ever. We don't want that to happen. But the fact of the matter is that people do get sick and people do die. And we gave a detailed description last week how we talk to a trusted medical professional. A professional who said that "we really killed our economy for fewer deaths than we would have with influenza. Definitely what we had from influence a few years ago." Money Monday reminds us that it is what it is. Politics of Coronavirus Economy No matter what calls this, we're in the financial situation that we find ourselves in. And most of you are small business owners. You're waiting on the PPP funds to be replenished so that you can actually keep paying your employees. Or save your business. And you're just hoping that Nancy Pelosi finally decides to return from work. And do something instead of staying at home in front of her very expensive, Ice cream and refrigerators. But right now is a good opportunity for you America. And I don't think we realized that sometimes we just see the negative. And let me give you an idea of what I'm talking about. Forbes recently conducted a survey. In that survey they conducted, they found that 35% of Americans say they're going to use their stimulus check to pay their bills. Well, that's a pretty large whopping amount. But the next category, is roughly 20% said they were going to put it in emergency savings. What we would call a rainy day fund. Money Monday #5 Invest! There's nothing wrong with that. Because some states that you're listening to the broadcast in. You may not know when you're going back to work. Because your governors are crazy. And they're taking this little bit of power that they have gained and they're running with it. In my honest opinion, on May 1st we should open everything back up. And we should have already started doing some businesses....

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