Front End Chatter #87

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Jan 29, 20191h 47m
Front End Chatter #87
Jan 291h 47m
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Hello and welcome to Front End Chatter Episode 87 #Remy Gardner... it’s only just occurred to me, but what kind of name is Remy? Is he named after a cognac or something? Anyway, welcome, one and all, to surreal bantz supported, enabled and triggered by the meaty skinbags at – the best resource for all things motorcycling on the interwebs – and under the munificent auspices of Bennetts, the bike insurance specialists.

This week we have:

  • why Suzuki Hayabusa mirrors remind Simon of Rosa Klebb’s shoes
    • a timely review of the 2002 Assen MotoGP, back in the days when races could be won by a two-stroke or a four-stroke, and when one four-stroke in particular appeared to be so much faster than the others it was like cheating...
  • ...and how a last lap manoeuvre foreshadowed a more notorious coming-together 13 years later...
  • a mini-review of the new Honda CBR650R and CB650R and is it a ‘new’ CBR600F? And how does the CB compare to a KTM 790 Duke?
  • ...and why does no-one makes a Dakar replica?
  • effective anti-rain visor solutions
  • why do we wear the kit we wear?
  • more on police/scooter tactics
  • an inverse game of ‘what bike should I buy?’, with ‘what bike have I bought?’
  • have some bike magazines may have lost their sense of humour, and is there a correlation with the demise of sportsbikes?
  • ...and much more natter chatter...

...and if you’re interested in attending a FECstravaganza in August in Lincolnshire, let us know!

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