Front End Chatter #84

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Dec 9, 20181h 33m
Front End Chatter #84
Dec 9 '181h 33m
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Hello and welcome to Front End Chatter Episode 84, presented for your ears in association with the multi-purposed humanoids of and Bennetts, the bike insurance experts.

And this week, Simon H and Mufga present, for your consideration:


  • Moto2 testing from Jerez, and the lap record-shattering debut of Triumph’s 765 engine, plus the emerging sibling rivalry of Marquez and Rossi brothers (ish)
  • MotoGP testing gossip from Jerez, including Nakagami’s pace (who?) and the size of Johann Zarco’s... task
  • Lewis Hamilton testing gossip from Jerez, including how slow, or not, he is, or isn’t, on a WSB-spec Pata Yamaha R1
  • the rights, and wrongs, of police officers hitting scooter-riding criminals with their cars (contentious, this), and what has all this got to do with the Met Office?
  • and, speaking of teenager hoolies, a few details from the launch of Kawasaki’s Z125 and Ninja 125


Plus a selection of your amazing emails, including:


  • should I sell my Ducati SportClassic to buy a new Moto Guzzi TT85?
  • is PCP better value than buying a bike on a credit card and bouncing it between 0% cards for the life of the repayment?
  • is a lightly tuned R1200GS likely to be as chippy as a new R1250GS?
    • will JLo and Marquez pinch points off each other in 2019, making a Dovi world title more likely?
  • which will be the best naked hyperbike if they end up with a racing class at World Superbike?
  • what makes the Kawasaki ZX-10R the winningiest World Superbike?


Thanks for listening, please email your thoughts, musings, questions and anything else you want to us yammer about to: (record is 180 characters, so far)

or do the Twitter/Instagram thing:



And please remember to nominate, via email or the Twitter, your favourite MotoGP race from Dorna’s archive for FEC to review. If that’s actually what you want us to do.

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