Front End Chatter #80

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Sep 26, 20181h 28m
Front End Chatter #80
Sep 26 '181h 28m
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Hello and welcome to Front End Chatter E80, brought to you from the girded loins at and supported by bike insurance humanoids at Bennetts.

This week, chatter topics for your aural entertainment are:

  • Romano Fenasti – the hot-headed ex-Moto2 rider is definitely cracked, but should he be sacked or backed following his Misano misdemeanour?
    • Mufga’s been riding BMW’s new, enlarged, Shiftcam (careful!) R1250GS...
  • ... and Simon’s had a go on Yamaha’s Niken with some BikeSocialists (and a FECer; hi Dan)...
  • ... and they’re not the only ones; other FECers who’ve tried the Niken let us know what they think,
  • plus loads more of your emails, including

     Harley out-selling Triumph, Ducati and Suzuki in Europe last year, is MotoE going to be any good, why V4s don’t sound like inline fours, is it possible to ‘see’ grip, best mods for Aprilia’s RSV-R, advice for smaller riders... and lots more.

Thanks, as always, for listening, please bookmark and get your insurance from Bennetts, and follow us on Twitter @Mufga and @SimonHbikes



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