Oct 22, 201528m
A Murder at Number 48
Oct 22 '1528m
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Reporter despatches from far and wide. In this edition: Alastair Leithead on the wave of violence in the African state of Burundi connected to the president's third term in office. David Shukman's in the Philippines where thousands of people have been driven from their homes by a typhoon in which it rained, and then went on raining for days on end. Lucy Ash is in Beziers in southern France, a city accused of being a laboratory for the far right. Trudeaumania's back in Canada - Rajini Vaidyanathan talks of how he was swept to power on a tide of votes, many from the country's young, but the question is, can he now deliver? And it's a capital city determined to become the Dubai of Africa - James Jeffrey is in Djibouti where some locals wonder what might be lost in their republic's drive for modernity.

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